Masters in Continuous Improvement

We believe in Continuous Improvement as strategic programs that result in organizations with a high respect for their customers, employees and shareholders.
Our fascination with Continuous Improvement results not so much from the operational excellence it provides as from the personal development it promotes.
We make this same purpose our own.

We develop skills in Continuous Improvement

We have identified three large groups of professionals who form the basis of support for Continuous Improvement programs.

Their role is different and the set of basic skills is also different.

Here are the masters!

  • Doer

    Know the concepts and tools associated with them. Understand the structure and objectives of the ongoing change.
    Be an asset in this process.
  • Facilitator

    Get confidence in your competences as a Continuous Improvement professional.

    Master the methodologies.

    Take action and lead teams thrugh project completion.

  • Strategyst

    Engage your team and your organization's transformational program.
    Implement a widely proven strategy towards sustainable organic growth

We are convinced that the development of masters in Continuous Improvement stems from a deep knowledge of the principles based on a rigorous practice of methodologies, under the guidance of a master.


The program we propose of the individual needs of each and reflects this conviction

The process we propose

  • Understand where you are, where you need to be and what is in the way of acting as a true master at your gemba

  • Take the courses you need. Strengthen your belief in the core principles and associated methodologies.

  • Get a coach to support you while taking in challenges that will put the newly acquired knowledge to good use and help you grow.

  • If you wish a certification, demonstrate your knowledge and get a well-deserved recognition for your achievements.

Our masters will be there to support you while you take in challenges that will make you grow into a master yourself.

Our masters, here for you

mentor mestre do gemba

We are not important. You are!

 All we want is to serve the purpose of making you a more complete professional.

I first meet Claudia in a lean event, it was clear for me that she was a real sensei! it is hard to find someone with her level of knowledge and practical experience! (...). Claudia did an excellent job designing processes and leading the team to achieve high level of performance, empowering all members with hard and soft skills


Don't take our word for it.


Our masters will be there to support you while you take in challenges that will make you grow into a master yourself.

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